Communion Returns with Ornament, Faux Ferocious, Blake Brown & the American Dust Choir, and Emily Nenni Nov. 16 at The Basement


The popular Communion series is the creation of an international creative community that also has their hand in concert promotion, a record label, and publishing. Here in Nashville, they’ve recently been switching things up with special curated shows by big artists like The Weeks and Nicole Atkins. In November, they are returning to their roots by presenting their own handpicked lineup.

On Nov. 16, the showcases will return to The Basement for a night of music from buzzed-about local rock and rollers Ornament, who just earned the Best Rock Single award for “It Must Be the Season” from the Nashville Scene last week. Garage punk greats Faux Ferocious will share cuts from their recent self-titled EP, Colorado singer-songwriter Blake Brown & the American Dust Choir will bring some fiery alt-Americana, and Emily Nenni will start it all off with some badass honky tonk anthems. Want to hear more? Check out a sampling of these artists’ great music below, and grab your tickets here!

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