[REMINDER] Catch Deerhoof w/ Big Eyes and Thelma & the Sleaze | TONIGHT @ Exit/In


Red Bull have been hosting amazingly well-curated, diverse Sound Select events in Nashville for several years now, teaming up with local artists, promoters, and influencers to bring together phenomenal local and national acts at clubs around town, all for the low price of just $3! For their latest event tonight, Oct. 19 at Exit/In, Sound Select has tapped the fantastic She Shreds Magazine, a publication dedicated to women who play guitar and bass (who also hosted supergroup Bermuda Triangle’s stellar recent live debut), to curate an especially stacked bill of bands full of badass ladies. Heading things up, long-running San Francisco artsy noise punks Deerhoof return with a new LP, Mountain Moves, in tow, with support from New York indie/pop punks Big Eyes, and wild, grungy local favorites Thelma & the Sleaze. All that rock will only cost you $3 with an RSVP, but spaces are still first-come, first-served, so you’ll still need to show up early. Find out all about the must-see lineup below!


In their now 20+ years of existence, California noise punks Deerhoof have seen several lineup changes and a sonic shift from minimalist to more fleshed out and pop-derived punk, but one constant has remained: their bombastic, surrealist, loud, and unparalleled live show. Hailing from San Francisco, the group are known for producing their own music and managing their own career, crafting such modern classics as Reveille and Offend Maggie among their many, many albums, and sharing the stage with the likes of Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Beck, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs throughout decades of touring. Part band and part surrealist piece of performance art, the prolific group have made it to Nashville annually for the last few years, and have already dropped a new release, Mountain Moves, since their last outing, the latest in an extra-prolific several years for an already prolific band. On their latest, Deerhoof manage to capture the experimentation, scope, energy, punk spirit, and, magic of their live show, employing a stable of guest vocalists and funneling proceeds to charitable causes. Give it a spin and get ready to see them in action!


Formed by frontwoman Kait Eldridge in 2010 after the fallout of her prior projects, Brooklyn’s Big Eyes have been going strong since 2010, fusing pop punk and fuzzy, driving indie rock to create an incredibly fun and hook laden sound that we can’t get enough of. A one-time member of P.S. Eliot with Kate and Allison Crutchfield (of Waxahatchee, Swearin’, and solo fame), Kait’s lifelong obsession with music and her teen bands primed her for the earnest and energetic attitude that would shape Big Eyes, which she moved to Seattle to focus on after debut album Hard Life in 2011, before ultimately returning to her native New York, not long after sophomore effort Local Celebrity and a string of strong 7″ releases. With last year’s third full-length, Stake My Claim, Eldridge strikes an even more perfect balance with her powder keg of influences, crafting her most edgy, hook-laden, and focused effort to date. A fantastic live force rounded out by a great backing band, Big Eyes bring a great dynamic to this bill, and are sure to be a blast in person.


We’ve been raving about the wacky, trashy antics and immensely fun and kickass live performance of local grungy, alt rock outfit Thelma and the Sleaze for years, so anytime they headline a show, whether it’s somewhere you never expected to see a band like a McDonald’s or laundromat, or somewhere more conventional like Exit/In, we’ll always recommend them. Two years in the making, the band finally released their debut album, Somebody’s Doin Somethin, earlier this year, following a couple of killer EPs, hundreds of tour dates, lineup changes (frontwoman Lauren Gilbert remains the constant), near-breakups, and even a recent award-winning documentary chronicling a month-long intracity tour. If you’ve never seen Thelma in action, shame on you, but this is a perfect opportunity, and a stellar choice to open what is a great show from top to bottom. Don’t be late!

Deerhoof, Big Eyes, and Thelma & the Sleaze will perform tonight, Oct. 19 at Exit/In. The show is 18+, begins at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.), and tickets are available at the door for $3 with RSVP or $10 without.

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