[PREMIERE] Listen to Fleurie, Dalton Diehl, and Ruslan’s Otherworldly Collab “Take Me With You”


Nashville pop artists keep flying higher and higher in our city’s collaborative atmosphere. The latest collab to take flight is from songwriters Fleurie, Dalton Diehl and Ruslan. We’ve covered Fleurie’s excellent previous releases, along with Diehl’s Young Brother project and Ruslan’s contribution to EZA’s music. The trio teamed up in 2015 for a songwriting session, so we’re excited to finally unveil the beautiful and cinematic track “Take Me With You” exclusively here at No Country.

On “Take Me With You,” Ruslan’s otherworldly piano lines pair perfectly with Fleurie and Diehl’s stellar vocals. The whole production burns as brightly as a shooting star, and makes us never want to come back down to Earth. “Take Me With You” feels especially relevant in a tumultuous 2017 by enveloping listeners with hope and pure emotion. If daily stress has you down, this track is your escape pod.

Fleurie elaborates on the song’s origin, saying “Ruslan started playing that piano riff, and I fell completely in love with it. The song sat on the shelf for 2 years! I’ve always loved this song and felt that it was very much a true three-way collaboration.” Diehl says, “I can’t tell you how many times we texted back and forth about wanting to put this song out. It just never seemed like the right time. But you know you’ve got a good one when two years later it still makes you feel that thing it did when you first wrote it. So here we are.”

As to what’s coming up next for the artists: Fleurie has been hard at work this year on a new record, Diehl recently moved his songwriting operation to Los Angeles and Ruslan is bound to work his magic with more productions. For now, listen to “Take Me With You” below.

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