Los Colognes Release Psychedelic Full Album Video for ‘The Wave’

Los Colognes-2017-620

Blog favorites Los Colognes dropped their third full-length, The Wave, earlier this year, honing in their familiar brand of ’80s jam-adjacent rock with a bit more pop flair, and landing as one of our favorite local releases of 2017. While they’ve previously released some video spots, and played several local and regional shows in support, the band have just further enhanced their latest effort with a full album-length video. The retro graphic laced spectacle is psychedelia at its finest, providing awesome visuals paired with a stellar soundtrack. We will warn you though, it’s quite hypnotizing, and after clicking play, you might get lost for about 45 minutes and 6 seconds.

Los Colognes are currently on the road, opening for Blues Traveler on a few of their tour stops, but we hope they make it back home to Music City soon. Stay tuned for updates on when you can next catch them in action, and check out the full album video for The Wave below!

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