Daniella Mason Shuts Down a “Cruel Summer” with Luxe Pool Party Video


Nashville based pop queen Daniella Mason has been on an absolute tear this year with singles “Tell Me It’s Over,” “Cover the Earth” and “Cruel Summer” in anticipation of her self-titled album that comes out on Oct. 13. As the year’s warm days fade into the rearview, Mason shuts the season down in the best way possible in the video for “Cruel Summer.” Pastel color palettes, aqua choreography and luxe poolside style elevate the track’s bright synths and crystal clear vocals. Heartache has never looked more stunning in the Bree Marie Fish-directed visual.

Recorded at East Nashville’s Nous Art House, The “Cruel Summer” video collaboration between Mason and Fish is a continuation of their still photography work together. Mason tells Popcrush, “The director, Bree, and I dreamed of having an all female cast and crew onset for this video, and because I’m surrounded by incredible, talented, and generous women, we were able to make our dream come true. It was basically just me hanging out and making art with my gal pals all day, and I couldn’t ask for a better situation to cheer me up and make me feel powerful and supported.”

Watch Daniella Mason’s “Cruel Summer” video below and get ready for her album release this fall.

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