Steve Murphy & Javier Peña (of ‘Narcos’ Fame) to Speak at Marathon Music Works Sept. 14

Capturing Pablo

Fans of the Netflix series Narcos rejoice!  Not only does the highly anticipated third season of the show hit Netflix today, Sept. 1, as they begin their dramatic depiction of the war against the Cali Cartel, but you also have a chance to get personal with the series at Marathon Music Works on Sept. 14.  Steve Murphy and Javier Peña, the real life DEA agents that the show is based on, are coming to Nashville via their Capturing Pablo tour to give a presentation along with a questions and answers session, and, based on previous reviews of the touring event, people will be “amazed and shocked” by their stories.

Given the significant storms last night and the dreary weather today, it seems like a lot of folks will be clogging up the Nashville bandwidth watching Narcos this evening, and that’s a good time for you to go ahead and secure tickets for the upcoming Capturing Pablo.  Head below for the trailer to Narcos season three, and happy streaming.

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