Molly Parden, Caleb Groh, and Ryan Bernal Team Up As Kid Swim, Release Single “L.Y.D.I.”


Nashville’s such a talent-rich town that it’s staggering how much incredible music is written by songwriting friends and never sees the light of day. Fortunately, Kid Swim’s “L.Y.D.I” isn’t in that unreleased category, as it’s a shining example of what our community can create from chance meetings at live shows and having amazingly talented friends.

Songwriter Molly Parden is known for her in-demand background vocal work in the country and Americana genres in addition to her breathtaking 2016 EP With Me in the Summer. She grabbed the attention of producer and artist Ryan Bernal at a Caleb Groh show before meeting at The High Watt in 2015. Parden and Bernal started working together later in the year on a mix of new sounds, ideas and writing methods. They hit a wall in the process and sent their work to the artist who started the chain reaction: Caleb Groh. The result is single “L.Y.D.I.,” released as trio Kid Swim.

“L.Y.D.I.” plays on each member of Kid Swim’s strengths: Parden’s magnetic vocals, Groh’s knack for unique melodies and Bernal’s meticulous, charismatic production. Bernal says, “Most of the sounds you hear are either from an analog synth, drum machine, or an acoustic recording of a real sound. That blend of electro meets organic fit our personality best.”

It might be a bit before we hear another Kid Swim tune, as each member manages a packed individual projects. Parden starts on a new solo album this year, Bernal is working on soon-to-be announced projects, while Caleb Groh is recording two albums, an EP, and a folk opera! For now, take a listen to “L.Y.D.I” by Kid Swim below!

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