[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Chip Greene Debuts “River Song” Ahead of New Record ‘In My Town’


Local artist Chip Greene has a refined approach to melody, pressed through a smokey blues filter, which has given birth to his soulful, salt-of-the-earth rock and roll  sound. The skilled singer-songwriter found his love for music as a pre-teen, and now chases his passion professionally. He recently caught our attention, and we liked what we heard so much, we invited him to play our May 23 Acme showcase. Along with that performance, and ahead of his new record, In My Town, slated for a July release, we’ve partnered up with Chip to debut his latest single, “River Song,” which you can enjoy after the jump.

On the album, Greene tells us: “The record is loosely a song cycle of observations about Nashville. Relationships, gentrification, natural disasters, the musician life, etc. The track you guys are going to play, ‘River Song,’ was inspired by the 2010 flood.  I wanted to consider how such a beautiful and peaceful part of our city could also be dangerous and destructive, and should be respected.  The music goes back and forth between major and minor to illustrate this.”

While you wait for the new LP to arrive, enjoy “River Song,” and look for a full preview of Chip’s upcoming Acme performance soon!

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