[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Creature Comfort Debut Acoustic Video of “Light Boy”


It’s been a notable 2017 thus far for local indie rockers Creature Comfort.  They nabbed the statewide Road To Roo crown, landing them a coveted spot at Bonnaroo this summer, and are gearing up for the release of new music ahead of the mid-June megafest.  Today, they are releasing an acoustic video for their 2016 single “Light Boy,” which appeared on their Echoes & Relics album.  The stripped down sound certainly takes the track in another direction, dialing back the jangly guitar riffs and upbeat delivery, and transforming it into a more introspective, campfire style duet featuring CC frontman Jessey Clark with help from Alex Robinson.

We asked Jessey about the genesis of the video, and he tells us, “One day in early winter I went over to my good friend Al’s house (Alex Robinson) to hangout out and catch up.  He was writing/recording music as per usual.  I walked in his kitchen/studio and he said to me ‘What do you think of this?’  He started playing this acoustic version of our song ‘Light Boy’ and I just really loved it.  It’s a completely different reflection of the same song, yet still provides the emotion I wanted the lyrics to convey.”

Head below to dig into the acoustic earworm below, and keep your eye on Creature Comfort, as we expect big things ahead of their Bonnaroo debut next month.

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  1. Oh man! What a great unexpected release! I love the crackling of the fire and natural acoustics, well done!


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