JEFF The Brotherhood Debut “Punishment” Video, Starring Reverse Driving Champion

Jeff The Brotherhood-2016-620

Nine months after first unveiling “Punishment,” the lead single from last year’s Zone, beloved local garage rock duo JEFF The Brotherhood recently gave the single an overdue music video treatment, and it’s one of the long-running band’s most interesting spots ever.

Directed by Jen Uman and Grant Davis, and shot in Bathinda, Punjab, India, the video stars “reverse driving champion” and instructor Harpreet Pappu, who tears through the streets of his town in reverse, flawlessly navigating in his vintage car, shot and edited with a film grain and color palate that feels out of place and time.

Needless to say, it’s a thrill to watch, and a great remember to dust of Zone, one of last year’s best local releases, if you haven’t listened lately. Check out “Punishment” below!

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