Don’t Miss Archival Label The Numero Group’s Pop Up Record Shop | Today @ Julia Martin Gallery!


With a commitment to “dragging brilliant recordings, films, and photography out of unwarranted obscurity,” Chicago’s The Numero Group, which has been going strong since 2003, has developed a loyal following in the vinyl community for their high-quality, immaculately curated, brilliantly restored releases of music forgotten or overlooked by time. With a vast catalogue and several ongoing series, most prominently Eccentric Soul, the label, like Nashville’s own Third Man, has a cult-like following. And, also like Third Man, Numero isn’t content with simply running a brick and mortar, developing a “Factory Outlet Roadshow” mobile pop up shop/truck, which can tour the country to offer their wares to the masses.

Just ahead of Record Store Day, Numero’s traveling outlet hits Music City today, April 21, for a 12-8 p.m. pop up at the Julia Martin Gallery. Boasting “thousands of Numero LPs, CDs, 45s, t-shirts, tapes, books, and other additional miscellany your local record store isn’t carrying,” all at blow out prices, this sounds like a perfect pre-gaming opportunity before tomorrow’s RSD craziness, and it’s happening today only- check it out!

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