Nashville’s Bantug Releases Dream Pop-Packed EP ‘Blue’


Bantug made a dreamy first impression last year with single “Wine Beeline,” and we’ve kept up with the Nashville indie artist with subsequent releases over at our Spotify playlist. Bantug compiles all previously released singles with a gorgeous new one to form her recently-released debut EP, Blue.

Bantug’s airy vocals complement her glistening guitars and pristine synths to fantastic results. Clocking in at a little less than 20 minutes long, the five-track Blue EP is a beautiful, fleeting listen. It’s like running into a friend you haven’t seen in too long, having a conversation that reminds you of why you’re friends in the first place, and wishing you could drop everything to hang out longer before the daily rush sweeps you both up again. Fortunately for us, that’s what the repeat button is for.

Bantug’s Blue is out now, so get to listening.

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