Free Throw Debut “Randy, I Am the Liquor” Ahead of New LP, July 1 Release Show at The End


A breakout force in Nashville’s emo/indie punk scene of the last few years, Free Throw garnered national attention with the release of their debut LP, Those Days Are Gone, in 2014, and have been touring the world since, sharing the stage with bigger and bigger acts, all the while maintaining their DIY ethos and punk roots, channeling a pure, unabashed love for ’90s emo, underground indie rock, and old school pop punk and screamo, juxtaposing raw, earnest vocals and emotional lyrics with noodle-y, melodic, and driving arrangements.

After inking a deal with Triple Crown Records, the band are finally gearing up to release their highly-anticiapted sophomore effort, Bear Your Mind, on May 26. Described as more personal and introspective, the record is sure to keep the band’s dynamic style and affinity for pop culture intact, and while we wait for it to arrive, you can hear recently-released single, “Randy, I Am the Liquor,” right now! At the end of a lengthy tour, you can also celebrate Bear Your Mind‘s release at The End for a belated July 1 homecoming show, along with Homesafe and Heart Attack Man.

Pre-order the record, hear Free Throw’s new single below, and grab tickets to their release show right here!

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