Okey Dokey and Night Beds’ Winston Yellen Team Up for “Always Never”


Just two months after the release of their album Love You, Mean It, local group Okey Dokey are already gearing up to share a new project. This summer, members Aaron Martin and Johnny Fisher are set to drop a collaborative LP that features tracks composed by a range of artists, including Rayland Baxter and Wild Child. This week, the duo are giving us a sneak peek of what’s to come with “Always Never,” a rhythmic cut featuring the vocals of Night BedsWinston Yellen.

Like their Christmas cover with Kansas Bible Company, the song was recorded at Handmade Studios in West Nashville. The driving beat and hooky chorus will immediately suck you in, but take a minute to really study the subtle but surprising lyrics that follow the mindset of a man questioning everything in his life, including his sexuality. Be on the look out for more impressive collabs from Okey Dokey, and check out “Always Never” after the jump.

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