[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] KiND Slay the Dance Floor with “Conquer”


When we last heard from electropop outfit KiND, they released their very own ’80s inspired workout tape. The crew are back at it with an electro house banger called “Conquer,” and we’re thrilled to bring you the premiere. The bassline prowls around the beat while synths rip across the track with melodic abandon. Seductive South African grooves get us in the mood to mount an assault on the dancefloor.

Vocalist Gabe Vitek says, “‘Conquer’ is about fulfilling aspiration by persevering through fear and doubt. This song started with the bass line. We sampled an old battery powered Casio keyboard and transposed the sample down 2-3 octaves. The lyrics and melody were written during a camping trip on the Fiery Gizzard trail.”

KiND are set to release more singles throughout the rest of the year, but no show plans are currently scheduled. Listen to “Conquer” below.

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