Catch The Great Aspirations of Sun Conductor | TONIGHT @ Noah Liff Center

Sun Conductor

If you are looking for something totally unique to bring your week to a close, then The Great Aspirations of Sun Conductor should probably be a top pick. We first caught wind of the musical collaboration when the talented troupe played an intimate show in the basement at OMG back in 2014.  They have set their sights higher this time around with a totally FREE performance tonight at our local opera hall Noah Liff Center.  Not only is this likely the first time that we have mentioned opera or the newish performance space on this site, it is probably most of your first time to check it out as well.

Sun Conductor consists of a number of familiar names to readers of this blog, such as Ben Kaufman, Daniel James (Canon Blue), Brooke Waggoner, Brian Holl (Foreign Fields), Eric Hillman (Foreign Fields), Hitoshi Yamaguchi, Timbre, and Melisa Bonetti (Nashville Opera), and together they form an experimentation in new musical thought through improvisation.

Sun Conductor states, “We are not a band, but a group of musicians that leave the music up to the present state of our minds the night of the performance.  No rehearsals, no pre-production.”

Sound like the most unique (and cheap) way to finish this week off with a bang?  Head below to get a taste of what went down during the last hurrah with a video recap from our pals at Native.

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