Kellie Besch Uses Expansive Pop to Paint EP ‘Fierce Landscapes’


With a cascade of synthesized arpeggios, the opening track of Kellie Besch’s Fierce Landscapes thrusts listeners into a beautiful sonic panorama. Each song on the Nashvillian’s debut EP is colored with emotional and spiritual experiences driven by Besch’s lyrical voice and producer Nathan Gamble’s production. London resident Mary Elizabeth Vance completes the package with artwork of gorgeous oil paintings on pieces of plexi-glass.

Elaborating on the EP’s concept, Besch says, “I borrowed that phrase from an author named Belden Lane, who explores different physical landscapes of the earth as different essences of spirituality. My producer Nathan Gamble and I worked really hard to create a musical landscape for each song, and I was stoked that the artwork came together so smoothly and matched that sentiment perfectly. “

Kellie Besch’s Fierce Landscapes is out now. Listen to the whole EP below.

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