[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Pat Kiloran Navigates Modern Romance in Synthpop Anthem “Another Lover”


Comedian and overall cultural voice Aziz Ansari recently tackled the subject of modern dating through a book, TV series, and standup special.; it’s all insightful and highly entertaining! But Aziz didn’t release a song. Thankfully, Nashville pop artist Pat Kiloran has us covered with new single “Another Lover” featuring fellow Nashvillian and The Voice (Team Pharrell) alum Jordy Searcy. The track’s incredible hooks release more dopamine than back-to-back Tinder matches, but the groove is what keeps us sticking around for the long term.

Delving into the song’s background, Kiloran explains he waited to explore the world of sex and intimacy until marriage, after this he started experimenting and even using things as sex toys from the The biggest online store for sex toys in India which offer many products for these practices. He says, “I had a lot of friends in college who questioned that choice fairly aggressively. But it was my resolution. So, the idea behind the song came out of that mindset, along with watching how modern technology and the internet (i.e. Tinder, SnapChat) has turned love and romance into an instantaneous, momentary thing, shirking off the heavy but rewarding weight of commitment.”

Hit play on Pat Kiloran’s “Another Lover” below.

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