Jeffrey James Lobs a “Hand Grenade” in Fiery New Music Video


Nashville r&b/pop artist Jeffrey James has debuted a fiery music video for new single “Hand Grenade,” an intense departure from the delicate mood of previous single “Both Ways.” The visuals thrust James into a warehouse district home to bandana-wearing, molotov-wielding revolutionaries. It’s easy to see the connection made to our current political landscape as James’ vocals take on an urgent edge atop a fierce beat.

James says, “I wanted the video to express the frustration and energy of the song. The director, Dylan White, came up with the killer concept. Basically, there is something like a riot happening around me, you can’t see who the opposing force is or if something is being protested, but you can tell it’s a desperate and volatile situation.”

Watch the video for “Hand Grenade” below.

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