Watch MYZICA Perform An Emotional Live Cover of “Thank God It’s Christmas”


Local electro-popsters MYZICA are going to be topping year end lists this year with their incredible full length debut, Love & Desire, that dropped this summer, and if your ass isn’t firmly planted on their bandwagon already, you are behind the curve.  We got a late night message from the duo, consisting of Micah Tawks and Isaaca Byrd, asking if we would share a live video of their recording session for a cover of Queen’s “Thank God It’s Christmas,” and after just one listen, we jumped at the chance.  Not only is the cover stirring and spot on, it really shows the range of MYZICA’s talents.  And, as the band told us about the decision to cover the track, it seems very fitting as 2016 comes to an end.

“We were out doing a short run of shows a couple weeks ago and at some point during the long drive from Charlotte, NC to New York we found ourselves listening to “Thank God it’s Christmas” by Queen. In addition to simply loving the song, we started recognizing how appropriate the lyrics, and emotion behind them, were for Christmas 2016. All the crazy shit with the election – not to mention EVERYTHING else that has happened this past year. Something about this song just felt perfect for this Christmas.”

Consider it a Christmas card from MYZICA as we all ease towards the end of the year holiday, and you can collect your official gift with their live show tonight in support of The Shadowboxers at The Basement East.  Tickets are available for $15 in advance or $20 at the door.

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