‘Nashville Indie Spotlight’ Returns with Fifth Annual Compilation


Looking for holiday gifts? The Nashville Indie Spotlight compilation album may be the perfect present for music lovers, particularly for far away friends who still think that Nashville is all country music.  The compilation, now in its fifth year on Tone Tree Music, features twenty two tracks from twenty two of Nashville’s hottest commodities, and regular readers of this site will recognize almost all of them.  Much like the Spotify playlist that we are curating these days, this is a one stop primer that encompasses a lot of the amazing music that the talented Nashville scene is cranking out.  Read through the artist/track listing below, and then stream the entire album on Spotify after the jump.  You can download a copy of the record for your personal playlist right here.

Birdtalker – “Just This”
Molly Parden – “Seasons Of Love”
Kelsey Kopecky – “Love Me”
Marc Scibilia – “Jericho (Recycle Jordan Remix)”
Jessie Early – “Heart”
CAPPA – “Next Ex”
LEVV – “There For You”
Halfnoise – “Sudden Feeling”
Jennifer Paige – “Let Me Love You”
Zayde Wolf – “Live Life”
FJORA – “Blackout”
Whissel – “Old Souls Young Bodies”
Sam Tinnesz – “Hold On For Your Life”
Jill Andrews – “Siren Song”
Hollow Hum – “Something On Fire (feat. REMMI)”
Svrcina – “Island”
Caroline Spence – “I Can’t Complain”
Josh Farrow – “Tijuana Gal”
Kelsey Waldon – “All By Myself”
Michelle Mandico – “Give It Up”
Gabe Dixon – “Don’t Make Me”
Meaning Machine – “Follow The Sun”

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