No Country’s Bonnaroo 2017 Lineup Rumors, Speculation, and Predictions


Every winter, as the year winds down, we look forward to the holidays and begin our Bonnaroo speculation, in anticipation of our favorite fest’s official lineup announcement. While the annual event, which takes place June 8-11 in nearby Manchester, TN, is still seven months away, the 2017 pre-sale launched the day after Thanksgiving, and will conclude this Friday, Dec. 2 at 10:59 p.m. CST, only to (most likely) resume early next year when the initial slate of performers drops.

If recent years’ patterns hold true, we should expect to see the bulk of the lineup arrive in January, so, whether you’re waiting until them to snag your ticket, or you’re on the fence this week about locking  in early bird prices during the pre-sale, we’re here to help with our annual list of  Roo-mers, speculation, Roo clues, and more.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of acts, categorized by likelihood (or unlikeliness), which, per usual, will be constantly updated over the next couple of months. Feel free to chime in in the comments to let us know who we’ve missed, what we got wrong or right, and to let us know who you’d like to see at Bonnaroo 2017!

Finally, to get you into the Bonnaroo spirit, relive the 2016 fest with our comprehensive two-part review here and here!


While being able to tell conclusively who will be making an appearance on the farm can be a tricky task, ruling artists out tends to be much easier. These are the bands who, due to scheduling conflicts or various other circumstances, stand very little chance of winding up on the bill.


These are the artists who, through social media hints, insider buzz, tour schedule analysis, promotional timing, festival history, and additional factors, we believe stand a decent chance of appearing on the farm in 2017.

  • Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness have proven to be popular crossover festival performers, and their schedule leaves plenty of room for more next summer.
  • The Avalanches are teasing a U.S. tour and message board sleuths noticed that they recently followed ‘Roo on social media.
  • Though he just played in 2015, the fact that Bassnectar is lining up festivals at leasts makes his return somewhat likely.
  • Brian Wilson is winding down a lengthy Pet Sounds tour, which is scheduled to conclude a few weeks before ‘Roo, leaving him free to add some festival dates, should he feel up to it.
  • The last time Charli XCX played Bonnaroo she was still up and coming. With a Hangout Fest appearance, a return might be in order.
  • Dave Matthews Band have an unusually free summer, and are always a likely candidate for any festival with jam ties.
  • Dillon Francis is lining up a lot of spring dates; late night set perhaps?
  • Franz Ferdinand are making festival rounds, and haven’t played Bonnaroo in a decade.
  • The Flaming Lips will be touring in 2017 in support of their upcoming record Oczy Mlody.  They last play Roo in 2014, and seem like a good bet to return to the farm this summer.
  • With a date at Hangout FestThe Head and The Heart seem prepped to play festivals once again in 2017.
  • Jim James‘ latest solo tour winds down in December and we don’t know his 2017 plans, but given his history with the fest, we’d peg an appearance as more likely than not.
  • Joseph seem primed to make festival rounds, and their current tour plans leave plenty of room to do so.
  • With a new album cycle ramping up, local rockers Kings of Leon‘s return would be a logical fit.
  • Local Natives are making festival rounds and haven’t played Bonnaroo since 2013.
  • Mac DeMarco is spending a lot of time in Europe, but with Hangout Fest and other stateside fests lining up, he could squeeze in a ‘Roo return.
  • Major Lazer are playing Hangout Fest. Could more U.S. fests follow?
  • Metallica are in the middle of a big comeback, they’ve already lined up festivals, and they played Bonnaroo once before.
  • MGMT are mourning a comeback, and so far are playing Hangout Fest.
  • Muse are rumored to headline Lollapalooza this year, making Bonnaroo at least a possibility.
  • Nick Cave has a few holes in his tour, though the geography makes it a tossup.
  • Though Bonnaroo is sandwiched in between two west coast dates, Roger Waters has the entirety of the fest free and could theoretically fly in.
  • Sigur Ros haven’t played ‘Roo since ’08, but with a date at Hangout Fest, a return seems possible.
  • The Strumbellas seem to be lining up another summer of festivals.
  • Trey Anastasio is lining up summer dates, and would be a no-brainer classic Bonnaroo get.
  • twenty one pilots are headlining Hangout Fest. Could a ‘Roo return be in the cards as well?
  • With a new album and an open summer, Young the Giant seem likely candidates for a ‘Roo return.


These are the artists who, through social media hints, insider buzz, olur schedule analysis, promotional timing, festival history, and additional factors, we believe stand an incredibly strong chance of appearing the farm in 2017.

  • After stealing Bonnaroo’s heart in 2016 with a series of unannounced appearances, despite not officially performing, Chance the Rapper seems destined to appear in 2017. He’s already lining up festivals, making this even more likely.
  • The gap in Red Hot Chili Pepperssummer tour schedule and their ‘Roo veteran status make them a popular and likely assumption in the 2017 rumor mill.
  • With a new album, Heartworms, due out on March 10 and an very limited initial tour announcement, The Shins are extremely likely to make their first return to the farm since 2012.
  • The Weeknd‘s tour schedule and willingness to play fests makes him a very likely candidate for a top slot this summer.
  • The xx are releasing a new record, I See You, on Jan. 13, and have announced a massive tour that mysteriously ends right before Bonnaroo.  Coincidence?  Very unlikely.  We expect the British electro dream popsters to return to the farm for the first time since 2013, which coincidentally, is the last time they toured.


These are artists who we can’t reasonably confirm, but, more importantly, can’t conclusively rule out for a spot at Bonnaroo. While some stand a strong chance of being upgraded in likelihood as we learn more, others could wind up just being wishful thinking.

  • Though they’ve been shedding members like crazy, AC/DC seem determined to carry on, most likely with Axl Rose. Guns N’ Roses’ 2017 plans will likely dictate whether or not they return to performing so soon.
  • While she could theoretically squeeze in Bonnaroo before her tour finaleAdele‘s reported aversion to excessive touring makes more commitments seem unlikely.
  • Alabama Shakes last played ‘Roo in 2015 and having nothing on the books for 2017; their appearance would be easy, but we have nothing to go on.
  • A$AP Ferg is due for a ‘Roo return, and is already playing Hangout Fest.
  • While The Avett Brothers already have 2017 dates lined up, we wouldn’t be surprised if they take some time off after extensive touring.
  • Beyonce‘s Formation Tour has ended, but rumors strongly indicate she’ll be at Coachella. Could ‘Roo bag her too?
  • Bon Jovi are hitting the road for an arena tour in the spring, but it’s unclear if their plans will spill into the summer.
  • Cash Cash are playing Hangout Fest, but it’s hard to say what else their summer has in store.
  • Childish Gambino has a new album on the way, but Donald Glover’s Star Wars commitment might make scheduling festivals difficult.
  • Daft Punk haven’t toured in a decade, but every year rumors swirl about their return.
  • A spring Nashville date might make a Dawes return less likely, though their summer seems to be free should they choose not to take a breather.
  • DJ Snake is playing Hangout Fest and would be a solid get for the EDM crowd.
  • Drake doesn’t seem to have any shows plans for the summer, and Bonnaroo always aims for a big name in hip hop.
  • Eric Clapton just announced some 2017 dates, making him at least somewhat possible for the big legacy get.
  • While Gorillaz seem to have a new album on the way, there are conflicting reports as to whether shows may follow.
  • Guns N’ Roses are apparently stretching their reunion tour in 2017. Until we know dates, it’s hard to say whether any festival outings might be likely.
  • We’ve seen some rumblings about a Jay-Z tour in 2017, but not enough to go on.
  • Gearing up to release new music, a big comeback run for The Killers would not be out of the question.
  • Lil Yachty is buzzing right now, and with Hangout Fest on tap, could make more festival stops.
  • We’ve been wishing for a MUTEMATH Bonnaroo return for a decade, and with Hangout Fest a lock, we’re hoping this could be the year.
  • Phoenix are said to be prepping a new album. Could a summer festival run accompany it?
  • Though predominately in Europe, Pixies are lining up summer fests. Somehow they’ve never played Bonnaroo.
  • PVRIS are playing Hangout Fest, and would appease the crowd who turned out big for twenty one pilots and fun.
  • Regina Spektor is mounting a huge spring tour and will be a good fit, however her summer plans are unclear.
  • Warpaint seem to be sticking to Europe, though they have more than enough of an open window.
  • Weezer are playing Hangout Fest. It’s unclear if more festivals will follow.
  • The Who always seem like a distinct possibility for the classic, big name act but beyond a UK run in the spring, their plans are unclear.
  • It’s unclear if White Reaper have plans beyond Hangout Fest, but a ‘Roo debut would be epic.


  • U2 jumped the lineup announce gun (twice now), and has officially announced a run of North American dates in support of the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree, and will perform at their first ever U.S. festival at Bonnaroo this summer.

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  3. Mumford and Sons did not actually headline in 2015. Sadly, health issues of a band member lead them to cancel their appearance at the last minute.

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  5. I’d say with Sigur Ros performing in Nashville the day after Roo ends, there’s a good chance they’ll be there!



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