Watch Margo Price Perform for NPR’s “Tiny Desk”


It’s so secret that we’re huge fans of local country starlet Margo Price, whose career we’ve followed closely since her Buffalo Clover days, and, if you’re familiar with Price, then you surely know she’s had a huge year, thanks to the well-deserved and widespread success of her debut, solo, revivalist country masterpiece, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter. Of late, Margo has been making the late night and festival rounds, so it’s not a surprise that she was recently asked to participate in NPR’s popular “Tiny Desk” series. Taped the day after the election, the emotional, stripped down set features Price and her band performing “All American Made,” “Four Years of Chances,” and “About to Find Out,” all with the skill and earnestness we’ve come to expect from from one the most gifted “new” artists in country. Watch below!

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