J. Human to Host “End of the Year/World” Show Dec. 13 at The High Watt with Sinclair


Determined to end what has been a rather dark and divisive year with a glimmer of positivity, local up and coming r&b/pop singer J. Human has announced a Dec. 13 “End of the Year/World” show at The High Watt along with buzzy indie pop songstress Sinclair.

On the idea behind the show, Human, a No Country Presents alum who recently dropped his debut solo single, says it’s “all about ending this insane year with a bang. Getting everybody together right before everyone goes home for the holidays to just have some drinks, dance, and remember the people around us that make our lives amazing. Obviously this year’s had so much going on, even if you’re only looking at from how many amazing artists and people we’ve lost, but then of course the election (whichever way you voted), world events like Brexit, Nice, Syria, Turkey… it’s super easy to let 2016 go out on a sour note. I didn’t want that to happen.”

He continues, “I really feel that Sinclair’s and my music are focused on the positive in everything. Honest, yes. Real, yes. But definitely focused on remembering that there are always great things right around the corner, even if right now it feels like your life is a mess. I can’t think of a more perfect and fantastic artist to have on this show with me. She and I are good friends, along both of our bands… it’s just gonna be a giant love fest. The last love fest of 2016, getting down with the family you chose for yourself.”

So there you have it. If you’d like to try to smother this dumpster fire of a year with the love and companionship of good friends and great music, head here to grab your tickets now!

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