[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Whoa Dakota Brings “Clarity” With New Single


We’ve been following local pop songstress Jessica Ott, better known by her stage name Whoa Dakota, for a few years now. She’s previously performed her sleek and soulful tracks at our Acme showcase and impressed us with her 2015 EP I’m a Liar. Now, we’re excited to premiere her brand new track that sports a funky, infectious beat and clever lyrics that question what really happens when you finally find the one.

“Lyrically it’s about how scary it can be when you realize you have started to fall in love with someone who is right for you and good to you,” Ott says. “In my experience,  it’s way more terrifying when you’re dating the right person and no longer have doubts about the relationship and then you’re like, ‘I’ve been looking for you this whole time and now you’re here and where will all of that longing energy go?!’ But it’s also asking the question, ‘Is this clarity I’m feeling a result of work that I’ve done for myself, or did you provide it for me?” The main line of the chorus says, ‘Oh, the clarity I’m feeling now, do I owe it all to you? Or am I finally getting off the ground?'”

You can hear “Clarity” and tons of other great songs at Whoa Dakota’s album release show at The East Room tomorrow, Nov. 10. It’s going to be a 90s style birthday bash (complete with roller skating and face painting!) and tickets are only $7. Mark your calendar now and click below to hear the killer new track!

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