[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Milly Roze’s Sound Blooms With Pop/R&B ‘Hibiscus’ EP


If a young Beyonce Knowles were writing bedroom pop in 2016, it might sound like Nashville’s own Milly Roze. We’re excited to introduce the pop and R&B songwriter with the premiere of her new EP, Hibiscus.

Current single “Not Like Gold” is a moody and synth-laden track that takes the shine off of an overinflated ego. It’s a great representation of the five song EP, which was written and self-produced by Roze. From the gorgeous piano that opens up the release on “For You (Freestyle)” through the closing textures of “Still Water / 24”, Roze creates enthralling and reflective atmospheres. She says, “I have finally dug deep and I finally feel free enough to make music that I love to make. It’s very genuine. Every word and sound you hear came from an emotion. I hope people can relate to it.”

With the Hibiscus EP, we think Milly Roze’s promising career is just beginning to bloom. Listen to the whole release below.

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