[REMINDER] Catch All Them Witches w/ Blank Range & Patrick Sweany | TONIGHT @ Marathon Music Works

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In what is looking to be one of the top local bills of the year, Marathon Music Works is set to host exploding Nashville based rockers All Them Witches tonight, Sept. 29 for what will, unbelievably, mark their first hometown show of 2016.  The bluesy psych rock warriors will be joined by indie groove rockers Blank Range and blues shredder Patrick Sweany.  Tickets are still available for this 18+ show for only $18, so grab your now and read on for more about the lineup!


Mixing influences of psychedelic rock, heavy metal and swampy blues, All Them Witches are one of the most diverse and dynamic rock bands to emerge from Nashville’s music scene in recent memory. The four-piece group have gained a reputation for their thrilling live show, mostly built on their musical chemistry and ability to jam rather than solely relying on structured songs. They got their start in 2012 with their debut album Our Mother Electricity, but really gained momentum with Lightning At The Door and Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, the latter ranking as the #2 local record of 2015 by our staff poll.  We last saw ATW at Forecastle this past summer, and were blown away by their road tested live show, which has been honed by nearly four years of touring around the globe.  One of those dates, from Brussels, Belgium, was recently recorded and released as a live album for a “name your price” download, and that was reportedly the band’s way of saying thank you for the generous donations and support that their fan base showed after a recent burglary during their last tour.  The days of seeing All Them Witches locally on a monthly basis are gone, so make sure you get out to catch what is sure to be a hell of a show.


Blank Range have been such an integral part of the new Nashville fabric for so long, it is hard to remember that they aren’t Nashville natives.  Originally hailing from the midwest, they are still touring heavily on the success of 2013’s Phase II EP, and it seems somewhat shocking that we haven’t had another release since from the band that has now criss-crossed the globe playing to an ever growing fan base. Channeling an indie rock sound with callbacks to older flavors of rock and roll, garage rock, blues, and soul, Blank Range are a songwriting force to be reckoned with, ranging in style from upbeat and poppy, experimental and psychedelic, and straightforward and soulful.  Their live show is a simple tour de force that, frankly, we’ve been missing in our lives of late, and we can’t wait to see how tight they sound after the seemingly years of touring now under their belt.


Local blues rocker Patrick Sweany is known for his intense and captivating live shows, which has made him a blog favorite for years now.  Like the rest of the bands on this bill, Sweany has been busy over the past year.  He released his 7th LP, Daytime Turned To Nighttime, which he described as his first “grown up record,” and we absolutely love the refined power that he showcased on the album.  If you’ve spent any time in the local scene then you’ve surely seen, or seen someone influenced by, Patrick Sweany, and we’ll return for our umpteenth time see him open this show up in a set that would alone be worth the price of admission. Check out his standout track, “First of the Week,” from his last release below.

All Them Witches, Blank Range, and Patrick Sweany will perform tonight, Sept. 29 at Marathon Music Works. The show is 18+, begins at 8 p.m. (doors at 7 p.m.), and tickets are available to purchase for $18.

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