Catch Merchandise w/ Public Memory & Nightblonde | TONIGHT at 12th and Porter!


Though Tampa, Florida’s Merchandise adopt a nearly impossible to pin down sound, rooted in pop, shoegaze, noise rock, and post-punk, their origins actually trace back to the punk and hardcore scene, adding a definite earnestness and aggression, if not directly inflicting what they’ve become, while still maintaining something of a cult following in the punk world. Celebrating their fifth album, A Corpse Wired for Sound, released just last week through 4AD, their first effort recorded in a studio rather than at home, the trio have drifted more definitively into rock territory than ever before, maturing without sacrificing any of the artistry or passion that makes them so special.

Merchandise are to perform tonight, Sept. 27 at 12th and Porter (for what might be their first ever Music City show, though that is unsurprisingly hard to Google), with Public Memory, the droning and experimental electronic solo project from Robert Toher of Brooklyn group ERAAS, and Nashville based experimental pop group Nightblonde. For just $12, this 18+ show is not only sure to be one of the week’s best happenings, but also perhaps one of the most exciting under the radar events of the fall. Get a taste of Merchandise’s latest below, and get to 12th and Porter tonight for some amazing music!

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