Jordan Gable Debuts Shimmering New Pop Single “Didn’t Mean It”


Last time we heard from rising local pop artist Jordan Gable, his track “Fool of Me” switched between cautious pleas and courageous declarations of love. Gable’s swoonworthy vocal harmonies are back on full display in his latest, a great new single called “Didn’t Mean It.” Cheeky guitars, deftly placed piano lines, and a big vocal finish will make even the most ADHD listener hang around until the end.

Gable sheds some personal light on the track, saying “I wrote the song as a lovesick puppy that couldn’t stop feeling sorry for myself. So I sought out to write a huge anthemy pop song that incorporated barbershop quartet harmonies, with me taking each part.”

Listen to “Didn’t Mean It” below, and follow Jordan Gable on social media for more Nashville pop goodness!

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