Daphne Willis Reimagines The Beatles With Covers EP

Daphne Willis-620

We’ve been following talented genre hopping singer-songwriter Daphne Willis for a few years now, and, with each new release that we get, we wonder what avenue the talented songstress will be taking us down.  You may remember the rocking duet that she dropped with Sonia Leigh that we premiered earlier this year, and that was a bit of a departure from her previous pop, hip hop, and EDM releases that she has been recording for the past 10 years.  Now, Willis has offered up her vision of The Beatles with a new covers EP titled Come Together, featuring lovely renditions of “Eleanor Rigby,” “Come Together,” “Something,” “Two Of Us,” and “All You Need Is Love.”  Head below to listen for yourself.

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  1. It is a truly beautiful EP. Daphne’s vocal range and emotive, interpretive style shine!


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