[No Country Premiere] Rynn Blasts Onto The Pop Scene With ‘Nightfires’ EP


There is a real hit parade of pop artists flooding into Music City, and we just stumbled across another one.  Ohio native Rynn (Kathryn Kempthorn) has recently found a home in Nashville, and is about to offer her debut EP Nightfires to join our city’s pop landscape.  The alternative dream pop will appeal to fans of Grimes with an alternative take on dreamy electro pop, and should definitely be on your new release radar this Friday, June 24.

Rynn tells us of the debut, “Much of the writing process for Nightfires came from a time of working through and learning that as humans, it’s unavoidable that we are emotional beings with high’s and lows, especially when navigating through learning how to love and accept love. I get really inspired by different synth sounds, and while writing and recording Nightfires, I wanted to use synths to take the listener to a dream like world, with the sounds telling a story and creating an atmosphere as much as the lyrics. I wanted to bring a contrast of heavy and light, gritty and glittery, while representing the juxtaposition of these that is also happening internally.”

Head below to get a taste of the full EP a few days before its official release, and enjoy getting to know another fresh face in the Nashville pop scene.

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