Kansas Bible Company Premiere “Adios Amigo” from Upcoming LP

Kansas Bible Company-2016-620

It’s almost amazing to have watched the changes of Kansas Bible Company over the past four years.  They relocated to Nashville soon after No Country got its start, and first caught our attention with their debut Ad Astra Per Aspera, the first track “How To Build A Planet,” and, of course, their intense live show.  Over the years, we’ve watched the 11 piece outfit trim down to the current 7 piece configuration, drop two more noteworthy albums, and snag spots at some of the top festivals in the country.

Now, in anticipation of their latest album Paper Moon, which is set to release on June 3, we are getting new singles to tease the senses.  “Adiós Amigo” features the same trademark psych rock backbone with that brass accompaniment, but it also shows a maturity in the creation of poppy hooks and songwriting.

We’ve all watched Nashville grow over the past few years,  and it seems that Kansas Bible Company have embraced that change to create a record that embodies their maturity as a band with a very bright future.

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