Check Out Cosmic Thug Records’ Latest Split Single Featuring Members of Deer Tick, Justin & the Cosmics


Local label Cosmic Thug have just dropped their latest 7-inch split release featuring two super groups of sorts, Happiness and Vincent Van Gold. Happiness features Ian O’Neil of Deer Tick and Rafay Rashid of Ravi Shavi, along with Dennis Ryan and Chris Ryan. The talented foursome combined forces for their song “The Game,” a laid-back psych rock jam filled with Beatles-esque layered harmonies.

Vincent Van Gold is comprised of Rob Crowell, the aforementioned Dennis Ryan as well as Cosmic Thug producer and Justin and the Cosmics guitarist Adam Landry. They supply the heavily playful indie rock track “Setting Sun”, which is filled with claps, toy piano, and bouncy synths. Two of our favorite local acts, Pony Boy and Justin & the Cosmics, put out records we loved on the burgeoning label last year, so you’ll want to keep an eye on our site to see what Cosmic Thug is up to next.

Click through to hear “The Game” and “Setting Sun,” and to find out more about Cosmic Thug.

Cosmic Thug Happiness VIncent Van Gold

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