Animal Collective Debut New Video for “Golden Gal” | Catch Them May 6 at Marathon Music Works


Last week, experimental psych pop band Animal Collective released their tenth album Painting With. Following the group’s pattern of devoting each of their albums to focusing on a particular genre lens, Painting With boasts a strong electro-psych influence that permeates throughout the entire record, making it one of their most creative and ambitious efforts in the past few years. Now that the album is out, we can start to really look forward to the band’s May 6 appearance at Marathon Music Works with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (grab tickets here while they last).

Following the bizarre, tripped-out, animated video for lead single “FloriDada,” Animal collective recently premiered yet another animated, yet drastically visually different, video for hypnotic, dance-ready pop tune and second single “Golden Gal.” Given the bright colors, upbeat tones, and visual consistency, we’re anticipating quite a wild stage show for this run. You can watch the new video below, stream Painting With on Spotify or Apple Music, and buy a copy here!

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