No Country’s Best Nashville Albums of 2015


As we have for the past few years, we have ranked all of our collective favorite records of 2015 from both a National and Nashville perspective. To come up with a list, our staff nominated their top local records, and then we had a vote to rank the results.

If you saw our Best National Records of 2015 post, then you know that Jason Isbell and Kacey Musgraves are included in that list, so they were excluded from this Nashville poll to add more variety. Even after removing votes for those records, we still had 43 album submissions to tally.

Below, have a look at top 10 (11 because of ties) Nashville albums of 2015 to find out where all of our tastes overlap. If you need to play catchup, or you’re in the mood to revisit the best of last year, we’ve provided links to Spotify. Stay tuned for our favorite live shows of 2015 coming this week.

9 (tie). Chris Stapleton – Traveller [5.5.15, Mercury Nashville]


9 (tie). Daddy Issues – Can We Still Hang [6.30.15, Infinity Cat]

Can We Still Hang

9 (tie). Liza Anne – Two [5.19.15, self released]

Liza Anne TWO

7 (tie). Aaron Lee Tasjan – In The Blazes [10.6.15, First Of 3 Records]

In The Blazes

7 (tie). Andrew Combs – All These Dreams [3.3.15, Coin Records]

All These Dreams

6. Blackfoot Gypsies – Handle It [4.14.15, Plowboy]

Handle It

5. CAPPA – CAPPA [5.25.15, self released]


3 (tie). Better Off – Milk [9.11.15, Equal Vision]


3 (tie). JEFF The  Brotherhood – Global Chakra Rhythms [11.13.15, Infinity Cat]

Global Chakra Rhythms

2. All Them Witches – Dying Surfer Meets His Maker [10.30.15, New West Records]

Dying Surfer Meets His Maker

1. Bully – Feels Like [6.23.15, Star Time International / Columbia]

Feels Like

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