Fleurie Debuts Dark, Cinematic New Single “Sirens”


Just three months after the release of her sweeping, layered, sophomore EP, Arrows, Nashville synthy, indie pop singer-songwriter Fleurie has already unveiled a brand new single, “Sirens.” A departure from Arrows, which, itself, was a giant leap from the more piano pop-driven sound of the early days of Fleurie, real name Lauren Strahm, “Sirens” takes a darker, more cinematic approach reminiscent of substantive, electro-laden radio heavyweights like Lorde and Lana Del Rey. Co-written by Strahm, KS Rhoads, and Aron Wright, the track first dropped last week on Hillydilly, and is slated for a digital release on Jan. 8. Check it out below!

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