Listen To Rock Eupora’s New Track “I Don’t Want To Grow Old”

Mississippi native and recent Nashville transplant Clayton Waller, the guiding force behind indie rock project Rock Eupora, premiered the first single from his upcoming album last month and just dropped another song called “I Don’t Want To Grow Old” earlier this week. The upbeat track juxtaposes the light nostalgia of reminiscing on fun childhood memories with introspective lyrics about facing the fear of death. Waller said this about the inspiration for the song:

This song at its core is nostalgic. I wanted to capture the magic of being young and innocent – the period of time in your life when you have no worries, nothing to lose, and everything ahead of you. I think it’s important for people to hold onto this magic throughout their whole life. At the same time, the song captures my fear of death. I think these two themes merge at the bridge when “the sun goes down.” When I realize that death can happen at any moment, it puts everything in perspective. Life becomes more precious and I am able to soak up the little things. It’s very freeing for me to admit that I don’t have control over everything. I am then able to face the unknown future with excitement, similar to the way I looked forward to summertime as a child. 

Check out the song after the jump and keep an eye out for more about the upcoming album Soon The Sun Will Come due out on Feb. 19.

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