Hawthorne Heights, Mest, The Ataris to Play Rocketown Feb. 2


Ten years anniversary tours have been all the rage lately, and bands from the pop punk, emo, and post-hardcore scene of the mid-’00s have been especially enjoying this chance to bring you a huge bout of nostalgia. The latest act hopping on the trend is Ohio screamo/post-hardcore outfit Hawthorne Heights, who will celebrate ten years of their beloved sophomore effort If Only You Were Lonely, kicking off a lengthy tour at Nashville’s very own Rocketown on Feb. 2. This news alone should be enough to prompt you to dust off your old jelly bracelets and reactivate your MySpace account, but the inclusion of fellow scene pioneers Mest and The Ataris (all three acts have stayed pretty consistently active, by the way) helps elevate this to a now-20-something’s scene-age dream status. Tickets for the all ages event go on sale this Friday, Dec. 11 at 9 a.m. CST here, and VIP upgrades are also available.

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