[Exclusive] Stream The ‘Nashville Indie Spotlight’ Compilation ft. 24 Tracks From 24 Local Artists!

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Looking for holiday gifts?  This Nashville Indie Spotlight compilation album may be the perfect gift, particularly for far away friends who still think that Nashville is all country music.  The compilation, now in its fourth year on Tone Tree Music, features twenty four tracks from twenty four of Nashville’s hottest commodities, and regular readers of this site will recognize almost all of them.  Much like the Spotify playlist that we are curating these days, this is a one stop primer that encompasses a lot of the amazing music that the talented Nashville scene is cranking out.  Read through the artist/track listing below, and then dig into our exclusive stream of the full compilation after the jump.

Ruelle – “Monsters”
Whissell – “Get Free”
EZA – “We Keep The Lights Out”
WAVE & ROME – “Across The Map”
Myzica – “Ready Or Not”
The Rival – “Keep On Moving”
Jill Andrews – “I’m Not Okay”
Matthew Perryman Jones – “Wrestling Tigers”
Gabe Dixon – “Holding Her Freedom”
Poema – “Forget You In LA”
Angel Snow – “I Need You”
Brooke Waggoner – “Widow Maker”
REMMI – “Awake, Asleep”
HalfNoise – “Inside”
Fleurie – “Sparks”
Aaron Krause – “I Will Wait”
Levv – “I Feel Good”
Jillian Edwards – “Call It Home”
Trent Dabbs – “Star Crossed Lovers”
Shannon LaBrie – “War & Peace”
Shelly Fraley – “Uh Oh I’m Fallin'”
Svrcina – “Lover. Fighter.”
Young Brother – “Man Up”
Liza Anne – “Room”

Now that you are convinced that this is a must own (or a must gift), head over to Grimey’s, which is the exclusive vendor for this annual tradition, to grab a physical copy, or download it on iTunes or Amazon.

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