[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Stream Justin & the Cosmics’ LP ‘Schooly Dreams’ | Catch Them Friday @ Queen Ave!

Justin & the Cosmics

We’ve been big fans of Justin & the Cosmics since seeing the anachronistic rock and rollers close out the LP release show for labelmate Pony Boy, and we’re not the only ones who have been chomping at the bit for their debut full-length Schooly Dreams. Their debut EP Home, Boy was considered one of the best EPs of last year, and their full-length record has been pretty anticipated ever since. We now have Schooly Dreams for your listening pleasure to stream in full a day before its official release.

Frontman Justin Collins and guitarist Adam Landry are known for their work with Diamond Rugs and Deer Tick among others, and co-founded the local label Cosmic Thug. The Cosmics play punk via the Modern Lovers and early Clash, rockabilly via Johnny Cash, mixed with Dylan’s loopy Americana-rock circa The Basement Tapes. Their shows are an unpredictable, wicked good time. “All I can say about this album is that it is us in our true primal habitat of expression, finally delivering word for bloody word and note for imperfect note our own personal existence as parasites on this living spaceship, called Earth, that we ride,” Collins told us via email.

Click through to listen to Schooly Dreams in full before the record comes out officially on Friday, Nov. 20, with a release show set for Queen Ave. Art Collective (178 Queen Ave.) the same day at 8 p.m. for just $5 that’s sure to be a humdinger. Mystery poets, dancers, and singers are promised.

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  1. Love Justin & the Cosmics!

  2. You rock, Justin & Cosmetics! I’m so excited you released an LP. Now get your ass back to Cleveland!!


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