Songs 2 Dance 2 Release Music Video for “Swipe Right”

Songs 2 Dance 2-620

Metal is a genre that offers the possibility to a plethora of different interpretations. It isn’t often that we see one of those interpretations draw from the hair metal freaks of the 80’s like RATT and Quiet Riot. It is also hard to do this in a manner that makes a crowd crack up while they bang their heads. This is exactly what one of our new favorite bands Songs 2 Dance 2 aim to do.

Last week the band released a music video directed by Seth Graves for their newest single “Swipe Right,” an ode to the popular dating app Tinder. Right there should be reason enough to check this band out. The video is full of leopard print, freakish make-up, and suggestive lines like “some call it the walk of shame but I prefer the walk of game.” The band and their hilarious style stand out amongst many other groups here in town. Check the video out below and definitely keep an eye on these guys.

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