[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Stream The Debut Single “Say Everything Now” From Dead Cures

Dead Cures-2015-620

New on the scene alt rock outfit, Dead Cures have been perking our ears internally for a minute now, and we’re excited to team up with them for the official premiere of their debut single, “Say Everything Now.”  Dead Cures are the new project of bassist/vocalist Sharon Koltick, formerly of Kink Ador, and Michael Kisak (guitar) and Evan Buchanan (drums), and we asked the band about the formation of this new project.

“When the new group started writing, the motto from the start was total collaboration. Collaborating on the songwriting has made the group create a sound that is all their own, and truly expresses their collective drive to make high energy, ecstatic music that highlights the tight syncopated type of riffs that only a trio who actually loves playing together can create.”

Ecstatic music is an apt description for the new single, which is birthed ready for heavy radio rotation, and is one of the more fun singles that we have heard this year.  Koltick follows this up, “Fun is the mantra!”

Head below to check out our exclusive premiere of the new single, and then mark your calendar for Nov. 17, when Dead Cures will join Gardening, Not Architecture and YOya for FREE at our Acme Feed & Seed Showcase!

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