Masha Drops Late Night Pop Anthem “Love & Liquor”


Ever been a little too tipsy at the bar and your #1 best bud takes that last drink from your hand? Then tells you to Lyft home (grabbing Cook-Out on the way, of course) before the night goes downhill? Those are the flashbacks we get when listening to Nashville pop artist Masha’s new single, “Love & Liquor.”

Masha knows even the best mixed cocktail can’t patch up that failed romance. She doesn’t put up with those “r u up” texts. Smooth harps and yearning bass lines take hold as she closes out her tab, heads out the door, and collides with reality.

“Love & Liquor” is produced by heavyweight Chuck Harmony. Fans of CAPPA, Chelsea Lankes, and Lorde will undoubtedly enjoy this lush single. Listen below and remember what Masha says before you act a fool at Red Door this weekend.

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  1. Seems like all the artists this site is hyping these days are all terrible. Speedy Ortiz announced a show and nothing on it. Protomartyr had to cancel a show and already announced a makeup date. Nothing on it. DIIV played Exit/In the other night and jack shit was said about it. Jessica Lea Mayfield tonight with nothing to show for it. But at least we know CAPPA has dropped a new track or some shit. Woof.


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