Sufjan Stevens Shares “Blue Bucket Of Gold” Remix Ahead Of Ryman Date!

Sufjan Stevens-620

We told you about Sufjan Stevens upcoming date at Ryman Auditorium on Nov. 11 when it announced, but then it was up to you to snag tickets before they sold out insanely fast.  Stevens is touring in support of one of his most acclaimed (and for good reason) albums of his illustrious career, and Carrie & Lowell is sure to top quite a few best of lists in the coming weeks.

Sufjan recently released a remix for the track “Blue Bucket Of Gold,” which he claims that he reworked to more accurately reflect how the song is performed live.  Those of you that have tickets to see Sufjan next week, head below to hear the new take.  Those of you that don’t have tickets for next week, head to Craigslist, where the prices are surprisingly reasonable.

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