Don’t Miss Good Lovelies TONIGHT at Family Wash!


Juno Award winning Canadian folk trio the Good Lovelies have spent the last four years since the release of their celebrated 2011 LP Let the Rain Fall touring relentlessly, growing in critical and commercial presence, and working to expand their palette as songwriters, all culminating in their latest, and best, effort to date, Burn the Plan. Extending well beyond the confines of the traditionalist folk genre that helped define their earlier work, the Toronto group allowed their new album to break boundaries, exploring elements of electronic (prominently on single “In the Morning,” below), rock, and more. Though still rooted in their core sound, the ladies really flex their range and sensibilities as songwriters, bucking expectations, on Plan, and their live show, honed by nearly a decade of touring and backed by their unparalleled vocals and harmonies, only stands to benefit from an even broader range of material. Good Lovelies most recently took part in the Americana Music Festival, and they’re back in town tonight, Oct. 23 for a 9 p.m. performance at Family Wash! If you’re looking for a wonderful evening show off the beaten path, this is the place to be!

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