Catch Desaparecidos w/ The So So Glos & Bandroidz | TONIGHT @ Mercy Lounge!


The last time Desaparecidos passed through town, almost exactly two years ago, their (then new) reunion seemed almost too good to be true. A real-deal Conor Oberst fronted, politically charged, post-hardcore band, back from the dead after only a year of existence a decade prior? Yep. Not only have they been overwhelming embraced over the last few years, but Desaparecidos have definitely made their reunion count, dropping their second (and, unexpectedly, most intense and well-rounded) album Payola this year, all the while touring in support. Tonight, Oct. 23, they return to Mercy Lounge to perform with The So So Glos and Band Droidz. While it’s not necessarily their last tour ever, a band like this, never meant to reconvene, and definitely one made up of five very busy musicians, could just as easily disappear once more, and have no concrete plans after this string of dates. Meaning, you HAVE to be at this show. Buy your tickets here and read on for more.


A sharp contrast to Oberst’s Bright Eyes, a project which predated Desaparecidos (but amassed greater recognition after their disbandment), Desaparecidos channel a more raw, aggressive indie/garage rock sound, conjuring elements of post-hardcore and mid-’90s emo. Their 2002 debut album, Read Music/Speak Spanish, amassed something of a cult following in the decade after its release, and the short-lived band were met with more excitement ever, having ascended to something of musical legends, when they decided to reconvene, seemingly out of the blue, a few years back. A proper band, and not just a vehicle for Oberst, Desaparecidos last passed through Nashville in 2013, at the time boasting a few new tracks and an uncertain future. In the two years since, they’ve toured rather extensively, appeared at countless festivals, and, much to our delight, released a long-awaited sophomore LP, Payola, in June of this year. Defying all odds, Desaparecidos are not only going strong, but kicking more ass than ever in 2015, and their politically charged message, social angst, and punk rock attitude has never felt more relevant or necessary. It’s unclear when, or if, they might return, so catch them tonight while you can- trust us, they’ve never been better.


Poppy Brooklyn punk rockers The So So Glos make their way to Music City on a fairly regular basis, and even supported Desaparecidos last time around in 2013. They have a knack for hooks, an unrelenting attitude, a powerful and fun live show, and their latest record, Blowout, is something of a pop punk masterpiece- and we mean real pop punk, not the several times removed radio-primed junk the scene is trying to pass off for punk these days. As one of the driving forces in the NYC DIY scene, The So So Glos are a callback to when punk was free of gimmicks and all about community. They’ve spent a lot of time with Desa on the road in recent years, and for good reason- both channel a high energy live show, punk attitude, and DIY ethics!


Eclectic, hard-hitting, New York based trio Band Droidz blend elements of rock, alternative, and punk to form their earnest, turbo-charged sound. With a diverse musical pedigree (most prominently, bassist Qmaxx420 was the one time frontman of the Slackers) and plenty of cred, they’re an organic and well-suited fit to kick off this evening. Show up early or risk missing out.

Desaparecidos, The So So Glos, and Band Droidz will perform tonight, Oct. 23 at Mercy Lounge. The show is 18+, begins at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.), and tickets are available for $25.

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