Pony Boy Plays Darts With Creepy Twins in Lynchian New Video For “Magnolia”


We’ve been gushing to you loyal readers about alt-country singer Pony Boy since her debut record, Blue Gold, came out this August, and she’s been making us fans of her Old Hollywood-meets-cowboy aesthetic very happy by accompanying her singles with some wonderfully beautiful and bizarre music videos. The latest video, for the single “Magnolia,” might take the cake in the bizarre category, as Pony Boy plays darts in a tiny bar occupied by several sets of identical twins acting out their own conflicts. It was shot in London by director Nick Ogden, who is himself an identical twin and has lots of twin friends, a coincidence which sparked the idea for the video. Pony Boy says the song is about a destructive relationship, but that she wanted to avoid the typical clichés of relationship videos. We’d say she succeeded. Click through to check out what a darts tournament would look like as directed by David Lynch, and listen to Pony Boy’s mix of classic country and ’60s underground rock, sung in a velvety alto.

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