2015 Best of Nashville Winners Announced… THANK YOU!


Nashville, THANK YOU!

Since the very start, No Country For New Nashville has been a labor of love; a product of a team of passionate music fans sacrificing our nights and weekends to craft something that we not only believe in, but also believe provides a service to our local scene. No Country began as a way to give a voice to the bands less covered, the shows less frequented, and a side of Nashville less buzzed about; since then, the city has grown along with us, but our core mission remains the same.

For the last several years, we’ve been absolutely humbled by your support in the annual Nashville Scene Best of Nashville Reader’s Poll, and this year, we’re proud to announce that you’ve voted us #1 in the Best Music Blog category for the first time ever!! From the bottom of our heart, thank you! Thank you for supporting what we do, thank for you validating our time and hard work, and thank you for constantly reminding us why Nashville is the best city in the world.  We’re also pleased to announce that we’ve been voted #2 in the Best Local Blog category once again, and we can’t thank you enough for counting us among so many other talented and wonderful sites.

Congratulations to all this year’s Best of Nashville winners, many of them friends we’ve made along the way, and thank you to the rest of the local music journalism community; there are truly some special, supportive, and talented folks in this town, and they all deserve to be celebrated.

Believe us when we say, we couldn’t ever have imagined our growth in just a few short years, and that is due in large part to our team.  The “crew” features a staff of dedicated writers, from all walks of life, who have adopted our credo, and a team of photographers that we are so proud of and thankful for, not only their stellar work, but for spending many late nights editing photos for our site to use.  What’s the craziest part of all of this?  This is done out of passion rather than for pay.  We all have day jobs, but push ourselves to do our part for the local scene.  So, here’s a sincere shout out to Samantha Major, Jacob Ryan, Jacqui Sahagian, Lorie Liebig, Olivia Ladd, Julian Ciany, Meagan Whitney, Ione Singletary, Carson O’Shoney, Jackson Lord, Olivia Burd, Chris Clancy, Wes Davenport, Meredith Galyon, Jen Starsinic, Jessika Malone, Mary-Beth Blankenship, Jake Giles Netter, Nolan Knight, Amber J. Davis, Mick Leonardi, Shayne Garcia, Brian Hill, Brad Hochstetler, Caroline Bowman, Ambre Rogue, Emilia Paré… and all the past (and future) writers and photographers who have poured their heart and soul into the mission we all believe in.

We don’t do what we do for recognition. We don’t do what we do for awards. We do what we do because we love music and we love Nashville, and because we love this community that has embraced our site so wholly. Thank you for your years of continued support, and here’s to many more!

Matt Hall, editor
& Philip Obenschain, editor

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