REMMI Drops Electro-Pop Realness With “Awake, Asleep”


Nashville’s REMMI is doing work. This year, she’s guested on Super Duper’s EP, released a few killer singles, and debuted a sweet remix courtesy of Foldy. Against the backdrop of Nashville’s 98% rental occupancy, rising costs across the board, and a freshly-elected mayor, REMMI, our electro-pop hustler, poses a pointed question: “Are we living the dream?”

New single “Awake, Asleep” pulses with potent synthwork, and the airy chorus washes over the tension that builds up. REMMI says, “The song is an examination of how we become disconnected from ourselves and each other. I used to be really into politics. This election season I realized that I don’t really care anymore. Everything just feels too fucked to fix. I think that’s where this song came from: trying to figure out how to wake up and care again about these really important things that I feel so burnt out on.”

Listen to “Awake, Asleep” ahead of REMMI’s debut EP, set for a November 2015 release. Catch her live on Oct. 20 at The High Watt with Super Duper and on Dec. 8 at Acme Feed & Seed for our weekly showcase.

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