Don’t Miss Jon Foreman w/ Brad Corrigan | TONIGHT at Mercy Lounge!


Jon Foreman, the lead singer and prolific songwriter for the San Diego brotherhood of Switchfoot, will play music from his new solo release The Wonderlands, tonight, Oct. 5 at Mercy Lounge. Switchfoot are known for emotional, grand songs like “Dare You to Move” and “Meant to Live,” but I always liked them more for their SoCal, surfer roots like “Chem 6A” and “Company Car.” Their 2006 album Oh! Gravity (a favorite) showed their skater/surfer, California rock vein pumping with blood. A source at Word, his record company, says that Jon Foreman writes so many songs for Switchfoot, and in general, that the extra songs which don’t quite fit their mold often end up on solo albums of his. Brad Corrigan of Dispatch will open with his solo efforts. The photographer, filmmaker, and musician will share one of his many talents tonight (this one being music). Read more to hear about Jon Foreman’s new album and his mission to play “25 Shows in 24 Hours!”


Jon Foreman is now a dad, but is still goofy, carrying a young spirit into his, now, middle age. He talks about how his children help him decide what’s cool, or what fits in his music. His new The Wonderlands has standout singles like “Come Home,” an orchestral, dark, and beautiful cry out into the abyss. “June & Jonny” (feat. Sara Watkins) is more singer-songwriter with an Americana twist. This album is a culmination of what Jon Foreman is great at: emotional song-writing, full instrumentation, and deep melodies. It has four different parts: Sunlight, Shadows, Darkness, and Dawn. Darkness is arguably the best release, and Dawn is the last one, yet to be released. Jon is a big part of Bro-Am, Switchfoot’s charity in San Diego. You can donate here to take their “25 in 24 Challenge” while Jon plays 25 shows in 24 hours (on Oct. 24 no less), and you could win a signed surfboard! The Bro-Am Foundation was started “to inspire, challenge, and equip the ‘next generation’ through music.” Jon Foreman’s music makes you cry out of happiness and sadness in an instant. This show will embody all of who he is, the soul behind Switchfoot that has matured in his music and in his themes over time.


Brad Corrigan is the guitar player for Dispatch, a very ’90s, college, indie band with rootsy, reggae tones. Who doesn’t know their big hit, “The General?” But, Brad Corrigan shows himself now as a storyteller. The Coloradoan makes films, takes photographs, and makes music to spread his message of love. He says, “it’s never what you do in life, but the heart with which you do it.” He founded Love Light & Melody, “a non-profit organization dedicated to battling physical, emotional and spiritual effects of extreme poverty.” He has a lot of love in his life, and that shows through his live albums of solo work. Come out tonight to Mercy to see these two surfers soothe you with their peaceful, yet fun music.

Jon Foreman and Brad Corrigan will perform tonight, Oct. 5 at Mercy Lounge. The show is 18+, begins at 8 p.m. (doors at 7 p.m.), and tickets are available for $20.

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